We caught up with Adam from CHC to see how he found the install of our Hot Water Generator and his opinion on the product. Check out what Adam had to say below:


What is that and why is it here?

We’ve installed the Hot Water Generator in this job. We’re trying to bring legionella risks down throughout the Trust. So, with storing low-temperature water instead of domestic hot water it drops that drastically.


Did it save you money?

The risk and environment team in the Trust monitor their energy savings and energy losses throughout. They’ve been able to tell us that this job, in particular, saved a third off the gas.


Is it as efficient as marketed?

It’s hot water when you require it, instantaneously, so it only heats what required.


Was it made precisely to specification?

Charlie came to the site to measure the flow demands, hot water demands and also size. It was made to suit.


From order to install, how long did it take?

It took two to three weeks to get to the site from being measured on-site to landing on site. This is half the time of competitors. Usually, it’s a six week lead time.


What was the cost of install?

The cost to install is again drastically different from competitors, you’re talking probably, again, a third of the saving.


Is servicing an issue?

There’s limited service required for the product. So, again that’s a selling point to the client.


Does it play well with others?

It ties in well with the rest of the system. The low loss header in particular. We’re finding it’s working extremely well.


What are the health benefits?

It’s dropped the legionella risk drastically, due to the fact that it’s not storing domestic hot water now and giving us instantaneous hot water through the coil.


Is anti-legionella an important factor?

The internal coil, it saves storage of hot water, which is, particularly in the Trust, that’s exactly what they’re looking for.


Have noise levels been significantly reduced?

It’s dramatically changed. We’ve gone from having an old rickety installation to having new boilers and the hot water generator which has reduced the noise levels to no end.


Would you recommend the Hot Water Generator?

Yes, I’d highly recommend the Hot Water Generator. It’s cost-effective, it’s bespoke and it fits all our needs.


Why choose Copper Industries?

I was approached by Copper Industries to see if we could maybe implement rolling out their product and I’ve been in touch with Charlie from then and the relationship has just grown between Copper Industries and CHC.


Would you recommend Copper Industries?

Yes, I would highly recommend Copper Industries. From the fantastic products to the customer service, it’s very good.


How does the relationship work?

The partnership works well because, whatever Copper Industries say, they deliver. Anything that we have had delivered to site our clients has been extremely happy with. So, it’s a great product and a great product range.


Anything else?

Copper Industries feels almost like part of CHC’s team. If we hit them with a problem they come back with a solution pretty quick and we’ll bat ideas off each other. So, it’s a win-win situation.


Thanks Adam!


For any queries regarding the Hot Water Generator or any other products don’t’ hesitate to contact us!