So you need a new Cylinder but your not sure which one is best for you?


Let’s start with your standard Cylinder.

Your typical cylinder is fully pressurised and typically made out of stainless steel. Less plumbing makes the unvented cylinder a popular choice as its cheap. With the promise of a 25-year warranty, it makes this a deal hard to pass. 

But is this really the whole story? A closer look may suggest otherwise.

Unvented Cylinder

This warranty, it turns out, is actually entirely dependant on you booking a yearly maintenance. Which… let’s face it, not many of us do. People tend to put their boiler in and forget about it.

A service can be as much
as £300 per year,

and it’s a service you really need to have. Neglecting to get your unvented cylinder serviced each year can lead to very serious problems. 

These cylinders need their kit and P&T valve maintained every year for two main reasons. For one, water that sits in the tank for long periods can harbour bacteria and lead to legionella. 

Secondly, an unvented cylinder sits up to 3 bar pressure. Without a properly maintained kit and P&T valve, there is nothing to protect the cylinder from surges in the mains. If the kit fails, a surge could cause the cylinder to burst or split!

So it has the potential of costing a lot more than just the large amounts of extra money you’ll probably be dishing out on services.

So, what if we told you there’s something much better? A hot water cylinder like no other, built for efficiency, guaranteed to save you money on your energy bills!

The MaxiPod Thermal Store wins hands down and here’s why.

Initially the dearer option, yes, but in the (not so) long run, it actually pays for itself in just a couple of years.

This is because of how it works. Once the cylinder water is hot, fresh water from the mains is heated through the heat exchanger inside the cylinder, meaning you are only heating the water you use. Unlike a standard cylinder the MaxiPod doesn’t waste energy reheating the entire cylinder and on top of that your hot water is drinkable! 

By definition, the MaxiPod is a thermal store it’s pressurized and vented, hence it does not need to be maintained every year.

The Maxipod is also quick and easy to install.

The Maxipod differs from the box standard in another big way – it is made out of copper, which everyone knows has natural antibacterial properties. As well as this the water flowing to your showers and taps is never stagnant.

No danger of legionella here!

Another great advantage of the Maxipod is that the heat can be maintained not only from oil, but from solid fuels such as stoves or fires, not to mention renewable energy sources such as solar power.

The MaxiPod can be the heart of your house – it doesn’t just store hot water for taps and showers, connect it to radiators and/or underfloor heating too.

With the MaxiPod you get one easy, cohesive and eco-friendly system that ultimately saves you money!

For information about the MaxiPod click here or give a call!