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Inventors. Thinkers. Crafters.

Here at Copper Industries we pride ourselves on the quality of our service. We manufacture and supply our top quality, standard and bespoke thermal stores, buffer vessels and hot water cylinders throughout the UK and Ireland.


Our primary emphasis is on supplying superior hot water cylinders and delivering the best quality and service, with every cylinder carefully crafted and double-checked to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Our attention to detail and dedication to the quality of our products has led to Copper Industries being awarded the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality assurance certification, which ensures that all of our products are manufactured in line with British Standards and best practice governing the production of stainless steel and copper cylinders.

The Factory

At our state of the art facilities in Toome and Bray, we manufacture top quality products quickly and efficiently. With over 30 years experience in the trade, our state of the art R&D facilities coupled with technical support from in-house plumbing professionals enables us to deliver world-class products.

Quality Manufacturing


Our Product Range

Our product range includes both domestic and industrial hot water cylinders which are installed throughout Ireland and the UK.

You can be confident that here at Copper Industries we will provide the right cylinder for your specific needs. All of our cylinders can be made to customer specification and fittings can be placed to suit you.


Legionella Protection

Copper Industries Hot Water Cylinders ensure water moves in greater frequency than in traditional hot water storage cylinders, ensuring the hygiene of the water is good as it never stagnates for long periods of time. This constantly moving water does not allow legionella harbouring bacteria to grow and means your water is always safe!

Buffer Tank Installation


Research & Development

Our in-house research and development laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility capable of accurately and rapidly testing under a multitude of simulated ‘real life’ installation configurations.

This provides us with confidence that our products and packages are of the highest quality and suitable for all of our customers’ needs.

This bespoke testing facility along with a technical evaluation of products and prototypes under development is a service we can provide on request.