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Our solar cylinders are manufactured with either twin or triple independent coils.

One or two coils are designed to transfer heat from an independent heating source, (eg. transferring heat from a central heating boiler or solid fuel boiler to the water in the solar cylinder) and the solar coil, which is manufactured from high efficiency finned tubes with a large surface area, to transfer heat from the solar panels into the solar hot water cylinder.


Our Solarpod makes sure you get maximum payback


of the payback from a solar panel system comes directly from your hot water cylinder.

Why choose the SolarPod?

25 Year Warranty

25-year cylinder warranty

Boiler Coil

The boiler coil is manufactured to BS 1566

Three Grades

The cylinders are available in three grades

SolarPod Features
100% recyclable

100% recyclable

100% recyclable

Alternative heights and diameters are also available

Why Choose Copper?

Recycled copper meets 42% of the European copper demand, using only 15% of the energy required in extracting new raw materials, making it sustainable, environmentally friendly and the most recycled plumbing material available today.

Copper also has a long and established history of being used in conveying clean, safe drinking water because of its natural antibacterial properties and inherent health benefits making it a well trusted, tried and tested material for water supply and storage.

(Adapted from: UK Copper Board)

Copper is a well-known, trusted, corrosion resistant. With great benefits.


Recyclable material
Health benefits