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The Product Lineup

The Pressurised Hot Water Cylinder

The MaxiPod® is our greatest invention yet! The speed and intelligence of the MaxiPod® makes it unique. Pressurised and vented we designed the MaxiPod® to control any and all of your energy inputs. Including oil, gas, solar PV and Thermal, Heat Pump technology, electric boiler & your multi-fuel stove.

MaxiPod Pressurised Hot Water Cylinder
lightning icon
Immersions fitted
thermometer icon
Thermometer fitted
valve icon
22mm mixing valve fitted
Anti-legionella Protection
Well Water Compatible

The Air Source Heat Pump Cylinder

The AquaPod Heat pump cylinder is designed with high efficiency copper finned tube heat exchanger to enable high rates of thermal transfer from the primary heat pump circuit.

In general, our Heat Pump cylinders are sized to work in tandem with and increase the efficiency of the renewable heat source, be it air to water or ground source.

10-year cylinder warranty
Supplied vented or unvented
vent icon
Insulated with 50mm PU Foam
Air to Water or Ground Source HP
Well Water Compatible

Hot Water Cylinder

HotHead hot water cylinders combine a traditional approach to hot water storage with an innovative new internal heat exchanger (patent pending) designed to encourage thermal stratification in the stored water, providing the user with a faster response to their hot water demands.

HotHead Hot Water Cylinder
10-year warranty
Compact Heat
Compact heat exchanger fitted
Rapid Recovery
Well Water Compatible

External Heat Exchanger

The SolarSyphon is a lower cost installation alternative to traditional twin coil solar cylinders and provides faster hot water as well being eco-friendly.

Regardless of the weather, the Solasyphon can produce useable hot water, with only one hour of sunshine generating one hour’s worth of hot water for the end-user.

Long life cylinder warranty
Low cost

Hot Water Cylinder

30% of the payback from a solar panel system comes directly from your hot water cylinder. Our SolarPod makes sure you get maximum payback.

Our twin coil and triple coil SolarPods are specifically designed to work in conjunction with domestic heating systems. Our solar cylinders are manufactured with either twin or triple independent coils.

SolarPod Hot Water Cylinder
Long Life icon
Long life cylinder warranty
lightning icon
Immersion fitted
Stove Compatible
Well Water Compatible

Standard Hot Water Cylinder

EcoPod standard copper cylinders are available in a wide range of specifications. The copper cylinders are available in three grades – Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3, with Grade 3 generally being selected for normal domestic use i.e. water with a PH of 7.5.

Long life cylinder warranty
Custom sizes available
Custom sizes icon
Direct or Indirect
Well Water Compatible

EcoPod Combination Units

The EcoPod Combination Unit is primarily designed for apartments. These units offer a practical and efficient solution where space and easy installation are an important factor.

This unit can deliver gravity fed or pumped hot and cold water supplies.

Long Life icon
Long life cylinder warranty
Can be made to customer specification
Well Water Compatible
Direct or Indirect

Well Wizard

Designed with aggressive water in mind, only Well Wizards should be installed on a well, private water scheme or any water source that does not come from a public mains supply. The only copper cylinder available on the Irish market that doesn’t require you to change anodes due to aggressive water.

10-year cylinder warranty
Can be made to customer specification
Well Water Compatible
High Grade Copper

Commercial Hot Water Cylinders

Commercial Calorifiers

The Hot Water Generator® designs out a number of key risk areas where Legionella can thrive i.e. storage of potable water, formation of Biofilm & build up of sediment at the bottom of the tank.

25-year cylinder warranty
Save space icon
Saves space
Biofilm Protection
Anti-legionella Protection

Buffer Tanks

MagmaPod Buffer Tank Calorifiers are available in copper, mild or stainless steel, dependent on size depending on spec.

Copper Industries designs and manufactures a wide range of calorifiers for commercial and industrial use, some with up to 300,000 litres capacity.

MagmaPod Buffer Tank and Calorifier
25-year cylinder warranty
25 year warranty icon
67mm immersion bosses supplied as standard
lightning icon
Commercial, Industrial & Domestic
High Efficiency

NovaPod Transformer

Our most scalable & efficient commercial heating and hot water generator yet.

The NovaPod™ Transformer is the most flexible system making it able to adapt to your specific needs. It does this with maximum efficiency to keep your running costs down like never before.

Saves floor space