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Low Cost.

Copper Industries SolarSyphon Closeup

Solar Syphon

Want Eco-Friendly Hot Water?

The SolarSyphon is a lower cost installation alternative to traditional twin coil solar cylinders. The Solar Syphon works in perfect harmony with solar energy and provides faster hot water as well being eco-friendly.

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Hot Water No Matter The Weather

Regardless of the weather, the Solasyphon can produce useable hot water, with only one hour of sunshine generating one hour’s worth of hot water for the end-user.

Copper Industries SolarSyphon Closeup

Quick and Easy Installation

Due to this straight-forward installation process, the existing plumbing system in a building will not be interfered with. The Solar Syphon is a smaller capacity cylinder that is attached to your existing hot water cylinder, it’s really that easy!

No need to buy a New Cylinder

This innovative hot water system, which can be easily connected to your existing hot water cylinder, delivers solar heated water straight to the top of your hot water tank where it then stratifies, is stored at high temperature and is ready for immediate use.

Benefits of using the Solar Syphon

Easy to install icon

Easy to install

Faster hot water icon

Faster hot water

Sizing icon

Smaller capacity

SolarSyphon Hot Water Cylinder
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Cheaper installation costs

Solar heated water icon

Solar heated water

Low cost

Why Choose Copper?

Recycled copper meets 42% of the European copper demand, using only 15% of the energy required in extracting new raw materials, making it sustainable, environmentally friendly and the most recycled plumbing material available today.

Copper also has a long and established history of being used in conveying clean, safe drinking water because of its natural antibacterial properties and inherent health benefits making it a well trusted, tried and tested material for water supply and storage.

(Adapted from: UK Copper Board)

Copper is a well-known, trusted, corrosion resistant. With great benefits.


Recyclable material
Health Benefits Health benefits

Tech Specs

  • Shell height 800mm
  • Overall height (with connections) 1000mm
  • Shell diameter 75mm
  • Overall diameter (with insulation jacket) 12mm
  • Primary fluid capacity 0.5lt
  • Heat exchanger surface area m2/lit secondary water content 0.5 m2/lit
  • HMax working pressure 5 bar
(Adapted from: UK Copper Board)



When empty


When full

Solar Syphon

SolarSyphon Specification diagram
  • A - Solar panel
  • B - Solar flow
  • C - Solar pumping Station
  • D - Domestic hot water out
  • E - Solar return
  • F - Pressurised or open vented hot water cylinder
  • G - Solar Syphon
  • H - Cold supply to solar syphon
  • I - Cold Supply to cylinder
  • J - Vent pipe for open vented systems
  • K - Pressure temperature relief valve for unvented systems
Shell Height(mm) Overall Height(mm) Shell Diameter(mm) Overall Diameter(mm) Weight(when empty) Weight(when full) Primary Fluid Capacity Max. WorkingPressure
800 mm 1000 mm 75 12mm 5.37kg 7.67kg 0.5ltrs 5 Bar

Cylinder Details

  • Flow (Indirect only)
  • Return (Indirect only)
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Check and expansion valve
  • Temperature & pressure relief valve
  • Tundish
  • Immersion heater
  • Thermostat
  • Cold feed tube (not supplied)
  • Hot water outlet
  • Flexible hose
  • Secondary return 1/2 BSPF Conex 645 tee piece (not supplied)
  • Comissioning valve
  • Combined cold feed elbow and drain cock
  • Cable entry
  • Electrical boxes
  • Tee piece
  • Discharge pipe (not supplied)
  • Motorised valve (not factory fitted)