We caught up with Adam from CHC to see how he found the install of our Hot Water Generator and his opinion on the product. Check out what Adam had to say below:


What is that and why is it here?

I met with Copper Industries to discuss their new product, NovaPod, and to see if there were any jobs I could roll it out on and test it. It just so happened that we had a job, a particularly difficult job, at Musgrave Park. So, it coincided well with that!


Where was it installed?

It was installed in a small boiler house and with the small footprint of the NovaPod and the performance it can provide for domestic hot water, it suited really well for this installation.


What makes the NovaPod different?

Our NovaPOd came with expansion vessels built-in. It acts as a low loss header. It saves space and it’s high performance.


Would you recommend the NovaPod Transformer?

Yes, I’d highly recommend the NovaPod. It’s an excellent product and works extremely well where we used it.


Thanks Adam!


For any queries regarding the NovaPod Transformer or any other products don’t’ hesitate to contact us!