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Privacy Policy

What information is being collected?

Through the chatbot on our website we collect some information. These are your IP address, city, state, country, type of browser and if you give it, a name and email address.

Who is collecting it?

The information is collected by Artibot, a chatbot plugin that sends all queries directly to a nominated email at Copper Industries.

Your details will not be shared beyond this and will be securely stored in a Copper Industries data based.

Why is it being collected?

All information collected is in relation to a direct query from a customer. We use the information to provide more information or a quote directly to those asking for this. 

Collecting IP addresses allows us to gage where interest in our product lies and how we can expand our reach.

We use browser type information to make sure our site is optimised for these browsers.

If you opt into our newsletter we will store your name and email address for email marketing only.

For how long will it be used?

All queries will be replied to as soon as possible and the data collected will be stored securely in our data base.

Those who opt into our newsletter will have their name and email stored securely in our email data base.

Who will it be shared with?

The information collected will not be shared beyond Copper Industries. 

How can consumers withdraw from the agreement to give their data?

If you would like to have your information removed from our data base please contact us at and request your information to be removed. 

If you have opted into our email newsletter you can opt out at any time using the link at the bottom of the email.