A calorifier also known as a hot water cylinder or indirect fired water heater, is an essential component of hot water systems in various settings such as commercial buildings and domestic applications. It functions by utilising an external heat source to heat water, which is then stored in a calorifier tank for later use.

A calorifier operates through a heat exchanger, typically in the form of heating coil or heat exchanger coils, positioned within the tank. The primary heat source, which can be a gas boiler, a heat pump, or an immersion heater, circulates a hot fluid through these coils. As the fluid passes through the coils, it transfers its heat to the water surrounding them.

The temperature of the water within the calorifier, is controlled by thermostats or temperature sensors, ensuring it remains within the desired range. When the water temperature falls below the set point, the primary heat source activates to heat the water. This process ensures a continuous supply of hot water for both heating and domestic purposes.

To minimise heat loss and maintain the water temperature, the calorifier, tank is well-insulated. This insulation, often consisting of foam or other insulating materials, helps conserve energy and keeps the stored water hot for extended periods.

The heated water from the calorifier, can be used for various applications, including central heating systems and domestic hot water supply. In heating systems, the hot water is circulated through radiators or underfloor heating pipes to provide space heating. For domestic use, the hot water is distributed to taps, showers, and other hot water outlets.

In summary, a calorifier, serves as a vital component of hot water systems by utilising an external heat source to heat water, which is then stored in a well-insulated tank. The heated water is subsequently distributed for central heating and domestic hot water applications, ensuring a continuous supply of heating and hot water.


What makes our calorifier, Different?

  • Our range of Commercial Calorifiers heats water and provides space heating at ultra-low costs compared to competitor models.
  • Water moves in greater frequency than in traditional calorifiers, ensuring high water hygiene.
  • Water sediment does not form or accumulate.
  • Our calorifiers have a smaller storage capacity yet can offer larger volumes of hot water per hour.
  • Increased frequency at which cold water circulates.
  • Continuous water movement prevents water from stagnating for extended periods, ensuring water freshness and quality.
  • Enhanced output allows highly efficient delivery of high-demand hot water supply.


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