Copper Industries are recognised throughout the UK and Ireland as the fastest growing independent suppliers and manufacturers of a wide range of hot water cylinders, calorifiers and buffer tanks. We have a variety of cylinders specially designed for commercial, industrial and domestic hot water. Our diverse range of products come in standard sizes or can be bespoke to suit your project, with a variety of materials, from copper to mild and stainless steel. All our products fully manufactured and built in UK and Ireland.



Since Copper Industries was formed in 1999, our focus has always been on providing a superior quality of products and services, with every cylinder carefully crafted and rigorously quality checked to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

This attention to detail and dedication to the quality of our products has resulted in Copper Industries being awarded the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality assurance certification and having our products WRAS approved. This ensures, among other criteria, that all of our products are manufactured in line with approved British Standards and best practice governing the production of stainless steel and copper cylinders. 

From domestic hot water cylinders through to industrial buffer tanks and calorifiers, all stainless steel and copper cylinders manufactured by Copper Industries are made to this high standard.

We think green, and thinking green in our line of work means producing sustainable more energy-efficient products at a price everyone can afford. That’ll help you save money and allows you to do your bit to protect the environment. We’re proud to be acknowledged for our commitment to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, through our internationally recognised, ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

We know our customers expect fast efficient hot water. Which is why innovation is such an important part of what we do. The success of Copper Industries lies in the technical and after-sales support from our in-house engineers and plumbing professionals. Our state-of-the-art in-house research and development facility and the latest 3D CAD software ensures continuous product development and quality assurance.

Copper Industries have a solid reputation in research and development collaborations with academic institutions and private companies, producing a range of high-quality prototype and final market products. From our first in class domestic hot water cylinder – the WRAS approved Maxipod. To our large commercial and industrial buffer vessels and calorifiers, like our game-changing Hotwater Generator. We also produce standard and bespoke sizes to make sure you get the product best suited to your hot water needs.

We are big fans of copper and that’s because of its many benefits. Not only is it a much more flexible material for building hot water cylinders and heat exchangers, but it has been proven to be more beneficial for our health with natural antibacterial properties. 

That’s not all! Studies have shown that copper reduces the heat up time of water in a cylinder by 28.8% over stainless steel. So, it also saves you money and energy in the long run!


There’s something for everyone in our varied product range. Our team of in-house plumbing professionals are available to help you find the solution for your project. Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll do our best to find the perfect cylinder for you.